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Every off-season, we hold countless meetings to ask ourselves, “why camp?” What will your children learn at KSA that they can’t learn anywhere else? What are our goals for your children?

At Kutsher’s Sports Academy...

1. All campers will feel safe. Safety is our number one goal at KSA. We work tirelessly to hire exceptional staff who create an atmosphere of safety. All children will be welcomed, included, and taken care of at KSA.

2. All campers will learn to believe in themselves. Your children will be encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones, take safe risks, and try new things. They won’t always succeed on the first try but our exceptional staff will always be there cheering them on.

3. All campers will develop new skills. Our trained, professional coaches will work with your children in each activity area to ensure that they are improving their activity skills. At KSA, we offer instruction of skills at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels in all of our activity areas. Your child will be grouped appropriately and our coaches will provide ample opportunities for them to grow as athletes and individuals.

4. All campers will develop in character. In addition to improving in their activity areas, campers will learn how to live harmoniously with others, will learn a new level of responsibility and decision making, and they will know that they are part of a larger community. All campers will learn the importance of working together towards a common goal (both in the bunk and at their activities). 

5. All campers will have fun! Summer camp is meant to be fun! This is your child’s opportunity to get outside, unplug, and make new friends. Your child is guaranteed to make memories for life and we promise they will be telling you their camp stories for many months to come!

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